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ላጤነት እና ክርስቲያን ሴቶች · Singleness and Christian Women

በማንነት ፣ በላጤነት እና በጋብቻ ዙሪያ ያሉ ስውር እና ግልጽ ትርክቶች በሴቶች (እና ወንዶች) ላይ ከፍተኛ ተጽዕኖ ያሳድራሉ ፣ በወንጌላዊው ማህበረሰብ ውስጥም ይህ እውነት ነው፡፡ ስለ ላጤነት መጽሐፍ ቅዱስ ምን ይላል? የእኛስ የግል ተሞክሮ ምን ይመስል ነበር? ላጤነት እንዴት ሊጠቅም ይችላል? ሁሉንም በዛሬው ሴላ ሲስተርስ!

The subtle and overt narratives surrounding identity, singleness, and marriage deeply influence women (and men), and this remains true in the evangelical community. We discuss the Biblical truth on singleness, our personal experiences as single women, and share some tips that we've found useful over the years. Make sure you subscribe to catch all future episodes and other useful resources from Selah. 


Serving Ethiopian women by encouraging and exemplifying vulnerable, thought-provoking conversations around the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the mission of the
Church, and the life of a Christian.

Golagul Tower
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia