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ልከኝነት እና ክርስቲያን ሴቶች · Modesty and Christian Women

በዚህ የሴላ ሲስተርስ ክፍለጊዜ ስለ ልከኝነት እና መጽሐፍ ቅዱሳዊ ትርጉሙ እናወራለን። እንዲሁም ክርስቲያን ሴቶች በዕለት ተዕለት ኑሯቸው ውስጥ ልከኝነት ምን ማለት እንደሆነ እንነጋገራለን፡፡ አብራችሁን እንደምትቆዩ ተስፋ እናረገለን። ሁሉንም የወደፊት ቪዲዮዎች ከሴላ ለማግኘት ሰብስክራይብ ማረግዎ ያረጋግጡ።

In this episode of Selah Sisters, we discuss the Biblical meaning of modesty and what it means to Ethiopian Christian women as they live out their day to day life. Make sure you subscribe to catch all future episodes and other useful resources from Selah.  


Serving Ethiopian women by encouraging and exemplifying vulnerable, thought-provoking conversations around the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the mission of the
Church, and the life of a Christian.

Golagul Tower
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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