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የማይበቃ ህይወት · Contentment and the Pain of Its Lack

ህይወት አንድ አንዴ ባዶ ባዶ፣ አልበቃ አልበቃ ትላለች። በዚህ የሴላ ሲስተርስ ጨዋታ በህይወት ያለንን እርካታ ለእያንአንዳችን ምን እንደሚሰርቅብን እንዲሁም ክርስቲያኖች እንዴት በቃኝ ብለው መኖር እንደሚችሉ እናወራለን፤ ሰብስክራይብ ማረግዎን  አይዘንጉ።

Life can sometimes feel like a bottomless pit where we work harder and harder for satisfaction only to find exhaustion, frustration, and disappointment. In this episode, we each share what’s been stealing our contentment in the Lord and how Christians can work to restore it.  Make sure you subscribe to catch all future episodes and other useful resources from Selah. 


Serving Ethiopian women by encouraging and exemplifying vulnerable, thought-provoking conversations around the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the mission of the
Church, and the life of a Christian.

Golagul Tower
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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