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Selah is here to serve the Ethiopian community by encouraging and exemplifying vulnerable, thought-provoking conversations around the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the mission of the Church, and the life of a Christian. Selah, a phrase mentioned in the Bible a handful of times, means stop and reflect. Our aim is to encourage a sense of community by allowing a space for deeper and authentic reflection. This is a place to truly connect. There is no topic that is too shocking for God, and so we will bring God into every conversation, every article, and every video as we delve into the ups, downs, and challenges of everyday life.

Selah will host resources, articles, reflections, Bible studies, and devotionals in various media. The purpose of each and every content is to deepen our understanding of our faith and to equip us to joyously live every day with eternity in mind.

What makes it different?

Beyond glorifying God, Selah has the desire to do two things differently and consistently.

Be vulnerable.

The Ethiopian culture does not lend itself to emotional risk. The effects of that has left even Ethiopian Christians and Christians of Ethiopian descent with conversations that are routine, superficial, and limited. As Selah, we believe Jesus was vulnerable; He risked being known, and we believe He wants us to follow that example. Selah will be a place where vulnerable conversations and reflections will be had and welcomed. It will be a place where we boldly go deep. This means contributors and curators of the platform will not just be putting together words, they will pour their life, experience, and humanity into their words. They will explore difficult topics not as experts themselves but as humans who have placed God and His word as the sovereign authority and expert. At Selah, we boldly share from the heart just like Jesus did.

Curated by women. Curated for all.

There is an abundance of ministries in Ethiopia and for Ethiopians. Very few of those highlight women, and even fewer are curated by women. God reveals Himself uniquely through each of us; Selah is a place where we shine a special light on the perspective, creativity, and vulnerability of women that has long been overlooked and undervalued in the church. Of course, male contributors are also welcome, however; Selah will predominantly and consistently feature content sourced from female contributors.

How You Can be a Part of This



We are looking to build bridges with organizations and individuals that believe in and promote vulnerability within the church as a means to encourage effective discipleship. Get in touch.



We are a countercultural, non-profit start-up. If you feel led to give, please go to PayPal and give your donation.



We are always needing more photography, videography, and graphic design tools to expand our offerings on the website. If you’d like to make an in-kind donation of such equipment, please do get in touch.



You can submit your own articles, poems, reflections, your own "Jesus Story", and other materials you feel are creative and point others to the hope of Christ. We have an editorial team that's ready to help! If you are in Addis and are willing to be part of our video productions as a guest or actor, contact us. We can use all the help, prayers, and encouragement we can get.

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Serving Ethiopian women by encouraging and exemplifying vulnerable, thought-provoking conversations around the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the mission of the
Church, and the life of a Christian.

Golagul Tower
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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